Ross & Pam Chandler
Chandler Photography
739 NE 10th st Bend Oregon 97701
Studio # 541-385-3185 Ross # 541-408-7030 Pams # 541-408-7076

Commercial product

Business Portraits

Architectural (Realtors)

$100 per hour Photographic services

(on location 1 hour minimum photography plus 1/2 hour minimum travel)

$100 per hour Image processing ($15 per image minimum)


Business portraits

In studio

Basic Head and Shoulders portrait, includes processing

one image green screen dropped out background

high resolution, with copyright release. $95.00

additional pose & processing of that image $30 each

additional person in image (group) $15 per person


Company's with multiple individuals photographed at one time,

delivering one CD & billing to the company.

first person $95.00 each additional $70.00

(ask for price quote on large quantity)


On Location

All in studio pricing applies except additional minimal

charge of 1/2 hour ($50) travel and setup.

Architectural photography (For Realtors)


Photography of homes for Real-estate marketing.

*$195.00 up to 15 photos, additional photos $10 each.

*Aerial photography with Quad copter (includes 2 photos)

     $50.00 at the time of the regular home shoot.

     $150.00 without regular home shoot.

*$100.00 Walk through video tour shot at the time of the regular home shoot.

     Motion & stills with music. Branded or unbranded


*Travel outside of Bend

Minimum $25

50 cents per mile.